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At T & T Enterprises (Online Marketing & Mobile Solutions) we realize that most businesses and business professionals have some type of online website, FB page, YP listing, etc..... So we start by providing a very comprehensive evaluation of your virtual online presence. This FREE "Snapshot Report" will be like your "Online Report Card". We score you in the area of: Online Directories, current Website Evaluation(Desktop & Mobile Friendly status), your Reputation and Reviews Online, and your total Social Media presence as well. This "State-of-the-Art" report will help us to not only clarify what your online marketing needs are, but will be your ongoing guide to protect the "Online Brand" of your business. We understand the fact that today's marketing is Online and is mostly being done with mobile devices and having a strong mobile presence online is extremely important. We are a team of online, mobile marketing professionals dedicated in helping business’ target their mobile audience to help increase sales and get better Return On Investment (ROI) for your advertising dollars.

Our solutions to improving your “Online Virtual Doorway” is very unique in that we fit our level of support to your ongoing need to have a strong presence online with a major focus in the area of Mobile Marketing.

We offer a full suite of services including mobile ready websites, mobile apps, QR code marketing, SMS text message marketing, video marketing, video reviews, and over all consulting services to support your Brand Online.

Contact me today to get your FREE Report and use that “Snapshot Report” to help us  evaluate your current marketing efforts and see how, together, we can help your business grow using mobile marketing, video marketing, reputation marketing, and other online strategies. Your customers are Online and mobilized are you? Terry Rountree


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