Text Messaging for Realtors

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Benefits of SMS Messaging for Realtors   

>Prospects can get instant information about your listing.

>Prospects will send a text for information right when they see your listing

>The Agent will get instant notification of the text message that was sent

>The Agent can text or call right then to introduce themselves (build relationship)

>The prospect is added to  your data base for future engagement and updates on that listing

>Introduce prospect to other listings that might be of interest    


<Promote an upcoming open house

>Send Coupons in appreciation for allowing you to serve them (Local Business discounts, etc)

>Send suggestions about being prequalified for their mortgage or selling options.

>Send a webpage about the Prequalifying process for your new mortgage

>Send a webpage about tips on selling and showing your home.

>Offer the prospect a Fun and Engaging way to  interact with you all during the process

>These leads can be also uploaded into an Email response system

>A QR Code can also be generated to be put on all printed material for a mobile engagement

 >Use Text Messaging with your Facebook  postings. (Everyone checks FB on their phones)

There are so many ways you can use Mobile Marketing for Customer Engagement in today’s Marketplace. 
If you are not using Mobile Marketing already, you are losing business to your competition that is using it.

I have a listing next door to me setup as a demo so you can see an example of how it works on the front-end:
Text: price2day to: 71441 and you will first get a welcome message…then a second message requesting 
your personal information by replying with: Name, (comma),Email.

Pricing for this service: First Listing, Setup Fee for one Realtor, Mobile Landing Page, Unlimited 
text messages $20 per month, every additional listing will be $10 extra which also includes a 
mobile landing page and unlimited text messages (many other features included that I will show 
you).  Attachable signs are an extra expense if you need them.
($15 per sign per listing)

Sign example: Text: (your/choice) to: 71441 for Instant Info on this property. We can also print a 
QR Code on the sign as well.  

Watch the Video and text me with your questions and to setup a FREE 
Terry Rountree, 229-560-6447   terrytree@bellsouth.net    Watch the Video: http://SMSRealtors.info

The Power of Mobile Marketing 

What is Mobile Marketing?



Using cellular to engage with prospects & customers who’ve asked to hear from YOU:

>Combines elements of print signage, SMS (text messages), mobile web, and a “mobile wallet”

>Trivia games, polls & questions, drawings and contests, coupons, event/listing notifications, etc.

>Uses SMS (texting) as the communications channel for the deepest user penetration and ease of use

And Why Should You Care?


>Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity. (Pew Internet)

>In the US, 75% send text messages, 49% use apps and 49% browse internet (ComScore)

>49% of those who use social media prefer texting to calling (Performics)

>Studies indicate 97% read SMS (text) within 3 minutes; 84 % within 1 hour (Nielsen)


Text Messaging provides a New Lead Funnel for Real Estate


90% of prospects will 1st search online;
50% of these searches will come from phone


76% will ‘drive by’ & view home before contacting an agent

53% will take info (brochure) from a Yard Sign (If there is one?)


Yard signage is an effective and easy way for prospects to engage with your agency

when you give them a Text Message opportunity to get more information!


A survey by Pew Research indicated that 31% of US adults prefer to be contacted via text message vs. phone call.
Call to action signage, e.g., “Text for More Info…” offers a low impact way for prospects to engage w/you.
For many prospects, text will be preferred method of contact at this stage.


Clients (or agents) can update alert parameters as desired, so listings are personalized


Use the platform to send reminders to other agents or clients, e.g., open house.

Confirms are tracked and stored for reporting


SMS for Real Estate is Affordable & Easy


SMS offers a low-cost investment with high value rewards. 

>Increase your new buyer lead flow

>Offer prospects a fun and engaging way to interact with you

>Increase the speed and efficiency of alerting clients of new listings


Our State-of-the-Art platform provides an easy, affordable, and fully functional platform for engaging with clients using the most premium and effective marketing channel there is today – SMS Marketing right to everyone’s cell phone.


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