A Personal Video on Your Website!

A Personal Video on Your Website!

I would like to put YOU on your own website!

You can greet your visitors and give them directions for the best way to view your site and to sign up for maybe a newsletter or see a special coupon you are offering....etc.

Yes...help your website engage with your visitors and start building those relationships that are so important in today's marketplace.

The best way to understand the power of this technology is to go see the examples I have listed on this page.

Watch them on a Desktop Computer and on your Mobile Phone.

And keep in mind....that spokesperson could be you!

Also..using.."Text to Speech technology", I can write what you want to say and have a 2D or 3D character (Avatar) come up on you website and talk for you.

Here is the link for the Dental example:

Click Here for Dental example


Here is the link for the Personal Injury Lawyer example:

Click Here for Personal Injury Lawyer example


Here is the link for the Realtors Website Example:

Click Here for Realtor's website 


Here is the link to the

Valdosta Chamber Avitar Spokesperson


Here is the Link for the Davis Air Conditioner Company

Click Here to See the Davis Air Site


Call or Text me and let's get your website visitor engaged with you by using a personal video from you.


Terry Rountree